The best door-to-door route options with a great travel experience, even if just commuting to work
Our tailored solutions benefit cities, businesses, and mobility providers by leveraging unique API, SDK, and white-label products. With just one app, users can enjoy intermodal journeys without having to deal with multiple apps, accounts, or payment methods
All Transport Options in One MaaS Platform
Challenges and Benefits
Deliver a stunning UI/UX
that’s easy to understand
Reduce application development and integration time by 85%
Mobility Providers
Happy residents with feedback-based communication and less CO2 emissions
Reduce traffic and fuel consumption by providing information about alternative routes
Work hours become more productive
With up-to-date transportation information and a smart route planner, employees don’t get delayed on their way to work
Create a stress-free work environment
with predictable hours
Less congestion and accidents on the road, as we manage transport behaviour by increasing public transport use
Improve frequency of use and increase engagement with your transportation services by 40% with LTV and DAU
Why choose our MaaS Platform?
Spectralsoft’s MaaS applications make use of a multimodal route planner based on the Round-Based Public Transit Routing (RAPTOR) algorithm, which preprocesses and finds optimal routes for travelling around the city. The route planner offers users several options for getting from point A to B and calculates travel time and costs.
Intelligent Route Planner
Our mapping solution helps businesses reap maximum profits from maps on their websites and mobile applications.
The platform’s built-in editor makes it possible to create vector tiles, manage map layers and objects, and change colors and other parameters. There’s no need to integrate with Google Maps or other solutions.
Mapping Platform
Our platform integrates all payment systems needed to pay for the entire trip in one app, regardless of how many modes of transport it involves or whether they are public or commercial. You can also link transportation or bank cards to the app and use them with Face Pay or QR code payment options, when available.
Integrated Payment System
Instant access to all data and key performance indicators
for individual vehicles, groups of vehicles, or an entire fleet.
Visual content and graphs allow you to track and better understand your fleet performance. Easy customization.
Control Panel
We provide an API for integration of various transport operators (bike, scooter, carsharing, etc) into a unified MaaS platform
Connecting all providers via API
How the MaaS App Works
How does trip planning work?
Select points A and В, select parameters
How does trip planning work?
Track trip progress on the map
View detailed route information
Enjoy your trip!
Select points A and В, select parameters
Track trip progress on the map
View detailed route information
Enjoy your trip!
And we even help with parking
Public parking
App forecasts parking lot occupancy
A map layer displays
public parking spots, fees, and available spaces
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Case study
Moscow Transport
The official transport application for Moscow residents – Russia's pioneering MaaS project and an award-winning app with more than 4,000,000 downloads.
Moscow, with its population of 13 million, is Europe's most populous city, and the largest urban and metropolitan area in Europe. Moscow is Russia's largest transportation hub, with an extremely complex network of public transportation, including buses, trams, and subways, as well as taxi, carsharing, micromobility services such as bicycles and electric scooters, and trending options like bus-on-demand. Choosing the best route by hand is extremely difficult.
The app creates a digital passenger profile and offers a communication platform for users, and allows them to stay up to date on transportation news and important notifications. To make the app more engaging and encourage rational transportation choices, we introduced a gamification element with a bonus program and rewards.
The app also includes outstanding features such as parking and EV charging, with pricing, reservation and payment options. It also provides real-time and predictive transportation information, personalized user profiles and a recommendation system that optimizes routes based on Big Data.
Our team has developed an advanced MaaS application for residents and visitors to Moscow. This app integrates all available modes of transportation in the city into a single platform, including fundamental MaaS features like seamless payment and multimodal route planning.
Over the past five years, the app has been downloaded by over four million people, and it continues to gain popularity with 750,000 active users each month. The average user rating of 4.5 stars on App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery is a testament to the app's quality and usefulness.
Our team continues to work on improving the app and introducing new features to meet the evolving needs of our users.
The successful implementation of our MaaS app has been evident through its daily use by thousands of users in Moscow. The app has proven to be a valuable tool for saving travel time and optimizing transportation costs for our users.
The result of our MaaS app's implementation has been a significant positive impact on the transportation landscape of Moscow.
Additionally, our app's features such as parking and EV charging options, personalized recommendations, and gamification elements have encouraged the use of sustainable transportation options, contributing to a greener and more sustainable city.
The result of our MaaS app's implementation has been a significant positive impact on the transportation landscape of Moscow.
The app has helped to popularize public transport by providing users with a convenient and user-friendly platform to plan and book multimodal routes. This has led to a redistribution of traffic flows and a reduction of congestion in the most popular directions.
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